Energy Clearing Bags and More....


Anything that we can do to help ourselves along our own Spiritual Path is always a plus. Making intentions and focusing on them and keeping the Energy clear around us are some very basic steps.  Below are some products that may help you achieve things that you wish to experience on this Life's journey.

Energy Cleansing Kit....$30

Energy Cleansing Kit....$30

Energy Cleansing Kit includes Instructions, Prayers, Sage Bundle, Candle Holder w/ 2 candles and 4 Crystals ... (add $5.95 for Shipping)

Crystal Pendulums...$20

Crystal Pendulums...$20

Gemmy Amethyst Pendulum topped with Clear Quartz Crystal pictured (add $3.00 for shipping) Pendulums available in variety of stones....see Loose Stones for choices.

Energy Cleansing Bags


Thoughts, words and energy are  all  things that can effect your home, office and "personal" space. it's always good to clear the energy of things attached to or left behind on anythng or in any place. Buying a  home, bringing in new or antique furniture  or even harsh words in your "space" will offset the energy and leave behind lingering remnants. I have created the saging bag which includes instructions, prayers, Saging Bundle, Candles and Holder and (4) four Crystals for Grid Setting to help you do just that.

Protect and honor your have to live there!


         $30 (plus $5.95 s/h  - USA shipping only)      



Crystal Pendulum

Whether you're an experienced Energy Healer or a beginner with Metaphysics, just learning about Spirit Communication and Healing, the Pendulum has been around for centuries as a tool of choice for Energy Work. Choose the Stone that resonates with you and it's topped off with the Clear Quratz Point as the Ampifier!! (Amethyst and Clear Quartz pictured)

(Stones available listed under Jewelry; Loose Stones)


$20 (plus $3.00 Shipping)