Psychic Medium Readings


Just as people seek a Doctor for assistance with the physical body, and a Dentist for the health of their teeth and gums, many people will go to a Psychic or Medium for Guidance with their Spiritual Issues.

A Psychic is able to use their own energy to connect with the energy of the person that has come to them and help guide them with issues of Past, Present and Future events.

A Medium is a person who is able to connect not only with the energy of another physical person, but also to the energy of those who have passed on. All Mediums are psychic, but not every Psychic is a Medium.

As a Psychic Medium, I connect with my own Spirit Guides, who in turn connect with your Guides that I am Reading. The client either can’t or refuses to listen to the inner voice of their own Guides, hence, the Reading is thru me, not really “from” me.

All of us have the psychic or “sixth” sense abilities, as we’re not Human by nature…we’re Spiritual Beings incarnated into a physical body for Soul Progression. How much of that ability you use, if even at all, depends on you. Think of your body as your "vehicle or car".  Now all of you know that every vehicle these days comes with a radio in it (your psychic senses). Once you get in and start to drive, turning on the radio and how loud, is completely up to you!! The “gut feeling” that you get, is your Psychic intuition, also.  Grief, stress, not enough sleep or just a busy schedule can block a person from tapping into their own gifts and that’s when people look to a Psychic for the guidance of that next step to take.

It’s extremely important to understand that a Psychic or Medium is NOT a Psychiatrist, Psychologist or Grief Counselor. It’s also important to recognize the difference between  wanting to see a Psychic for a Reading and "needing to consult Health Professional" for the much more serious issues of depression, grief or even suicide, when necessary.

When you come to a Reading with a Medium, know that sometimes, the least likely person could show up that you would expect. And try not to have any “expectations” of who you “want” to come through. Unfortunately, a Medium cannot force a Spirit to come through and talk. Be open minded, relax and enjoy your Reading.