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The Psychic Medium Experience
Just as people seek help from a Physician for assistance with their physical body and from Dentists, for their teeth, many will also seek help for Spiritual Guidance as well. Whether thru a Church or a Psychic-Medium, depending on your beliefs, we're here to help with comforting the Soul on this Spiritual Journey we're all having. 
All of us have Psychic abilities because by nature, we're not human, we're 100% Spiritual beings having a "human experience" for Soul Progression. When we transition from the Human body, we go back to our natural form of Spiritual Being. The words "psychic ability" is also known by other names such as intuition, gut feeling or my "woo woo" is kicking in again.
Many of us have sought to learn how to tap into our Spiritual Energy and utilize that "Inner Knowing" to help others on their paths when they feel stuck or need that type of Guidance.
It is extremely important to understand that a Psychic or Psychic-Medium is NOT a Psychologist, Psychiatrist or Grief Counselor (unless of course that intuitive person has made that their chosen profession).
It's also important to recognize the difference between seeking out a Psychic or truly needing to consult a Health Professional for more serious issues for grief counseling, depression and more.
Keep an open mind for your Reading and have no expectations of what or "who" shows up during a session. Someone who is truly connected will be able to answer your desired questions without digging for information from you during the whole session.  Everyone Reads differently, so, when you book your appointment, I won't be like the last Reader you may have connected with. Just sit back, relax and enjoy your Psychic-Medium Experience.

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