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Metaphysically Stoned Merchandise


      Welcome to Metaphysically Stoned ! I've been using the energy of crystals for myself for many years and have spoken to several clients about the benefits of using them as well. Crystals have been used for Centuries in many cults and Religions for purposes such as Healing, Grounding, Protection, Prosperity and much more.

     Each crystal vibrates with it's own unique energy and helps the wearer in a multitude of ways. Throughout the Centuries, crystals were believed to hold energies capable of healing many illnesses. The stones were carried or worn as amulets and their energy absorbed by the wearer to help dispel the illness. Nowadays, with the advanced findings in modern medicine, crystals are no longer a sole source to rely on for healing. However, many Reiki, Energy and Alternative Healers still use them in conjunction with medical treatment to amplify and speed the healing along.

     Here at Metaphysically Stoned, you will find a variety of stones. They can be purchased as loose stones, keychains or in beautifully hand-crafted earrings, bracelets and necklaces. They're also available as Pendulums and are included for setting protective energy grids in the Energy Cleansing Kit! Because every stone is unique in shape and size, every piece created will be just as unique. I hope you enjoy what I have created as much as I enjoyed making them. And remember, special requests for your own Unique pieces are welcome...................


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