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Validations and Referrals

  • I wanted to thank you again for the reading you gave me this past Monday. As always, I left feeling lighter and more at peace. It seems no matter what the message is I am left with such a feeling of calmness and confirmation. I truly appreciate you sharing your amazing gift with the world and for being such a great person. Everyone who comes to see you is just amazed! Not only do you create a sense of comfort but you are such an authentic and down to earth person, not afraid to share your own experiences and advice making the whole experience even more insightful and special. ~ Raven M



  • Thank you for the most insightful reading, it was amazing and probably the best reading I think I've ever had. You are truly gifted and I will definitely be back again soon ~ Valerie



  • Debbie, you have a rare and wonderful gift. My Reading has helped me get a better understanding of myself and of my life! I am now so much more excited about my life and its future-                                                                                                 ~ Daniel DuVerney, Professional Photographer/Chicago



  • I would like to thank you for the best Reading ever! I'm amazed at all you knew when we haven't seen or spoken to each other in over 15 years. The things you told me NO ONE KNOWS. I'm amazed and Blessed to have talked to you. Thanks for the sigh of relief and for allowing my heart to open. ~ Lupe C



  • Tanya / Sr Business Analyst / NC ~ Debbie is nothing short of astonishing. No matter how you feel about this going in, you will come out changed!



  • Laurie Buchanan / Holistic Health Practitioner, Life Coach, Writer / ID ~

When we offered Debbie's services through our company, HolEssence, our clients raved about her work. Every time we were able to get her for Readings, her schedule was booked solid!



  • Marcus Geeter / Celebrity Make Up Artist, Television/Magazine Beauty Contributor / Chgo

Debbie is one of the best Psychic Readers/Mediums. Her ability to connect and positively guide and advise is unmatched. She is also one of the most genuine and nice souls.



  • Gene Walters, Founder 3AM Xtreme Paranormal Ghost Hunting Society ~

Debbie's amazing ability to help and work with people always impresses those that I refer to her for Readings. She's always professional, never over the top and everyone always has a wonderful time in her presence. No one is ever disappointed with her Readings.

As a Paranormal Investigator, Debbie continues to amaze me and my clients. She's always spot on with determining the client's issues and reading their own abilities. She truly cares about the Families I bring her to help.



  • I have known Debbie Jacob for several years during which I have submitted to approximately ten readings with her.  At the time of my first reading, I was embarking on a new adventure as a fashion designer.  She told me that I would be traveling across the United States from New York, to Washington DC, to Los Angeles and to Las Vegas with my designs.   In fact, she predicted several trips to LA and Vegas for repeat business, together with my involvement in a Broadway theater production.  Finally, she predicted that I would be working with a Middle Eastern director from Hollywood as the costume designer on a movie set.  Well, you could imagine what my response was at the conclusion of my first reading...."There’s money and an hour of my life I’ll never get back!!!".  Ironically, everything that Debbie predicted has become my reality.  I have had the privilege to participate in New York Fashion Week, fashion events in Washington DC, the Oscars and Emmy Award’s Red Carpet events in LA and Vegas, and I am currently designing for Frank Marino’s Diva’s Show in Las Vegas.  I have also been hired to do the costume design for Heidi Thompson’s new musical that is heading to Broadway.  And the Middle Eastern man in Hollywood?  Well, shortly after my first reading, I had occasion to meet Sayed Badreya, who is an actor and director that lives in Hollywood.  I have designed clothing for Mr. Badreya that has been worn by him on the Red Carpet and I am currently retained to do the costume design for his next movie.  I also won three Emmy Awards last month for my brand television commercial.  So, am I a believer in the talents of Ms. Jacob?  You bet I am!  


Mark A. Roscoe, CEO


Mark Roscoe Design


        I just wanted to say thanks for our 30 minute session. I was feeling stuck and your session helped me reorganize my

        thoughts and feelings that were blocking me. I now feel that I can fearlessly move forward in whatever direction I


Aimee Orta

Owner, Balance Healing Center, Chicago, IL

        Truly, one of the most Amazing experiences I've ever had. THANK YOU! I'll be back for sure.

Maritza, Chicago, IL

        I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my Heart. The talent that you have is amazing and the fact that you

        give of yourself to share with others demonstrates to me what a kind and compassionate person you are.

        The loss of my husband has been very devastating but yesterday brought me a kind of Peace that would have taken

        me years to achieve. The whole experience was so surreal and at the same time was so real beyond any shadow of a


Gina, Chicago IL

        Thank you for the Reading. It was truly LIFE Changing. Losing my Mom has been the worst thing me, my Siblings

        and my Dad have ever gone through. She was the Love of our lives. I can't thank you enough for the Reading. I feel

        like a dark cloud has been lifted.

Melissa, Oak Lawn, IL



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