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About Debbie

Debbie is a Psychic Medium who grew up in Chicago. Intrigued with Ghosts, the Supernatural and "magical things" since she was very young, it's no surprise that her explorations took her down the path to this career.

Knowing things before they happened, hearing "Spirit" and dreams that turned into reality, all began at an early age. Trying to convince others or talking publicly about this, didn't however!

A shy eighteen year old, reluctantly embracing a Spiritual Gift in a time when people weren't ready for it, drove her to pursue other career options, while the Spirits waited patiently for her return to her true calling. A Fortune 500 company, the Medical Field and Singer/Songwriter were all other avenues pursued, but none with such passion and Love as bringing Peace to the Soul of one feeling frozen in time and needing guidance to move forward or from suffering the loss of another. A private mentor for a short time and studying at the School of Metaphysics assisted in her expanding her natural gifts and gave her a more in~depth understanding of a world she always knew to be very real.

Professionally Reading since 1999, Debbie now does this full time. With clients spanning across the USA and abroad, she absolutely embraces the work that she does. Aside from the in person, telephone and Group Readings, Debbie has assisted in Paranormal Investigations and House Cleansings.

Currently living in Arizona, her ultimate goal of reaching the "masses" like other colleagues in her field, is where her sights are set. In the meantime, it's mostly play and hardly work for this Spirit Whisperer!

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